Farmer Marketplace

2 min readDec 30, 2021


3(Three) interesting things to note (If you are a farmer)

It has been a great delight to us, after several months of finished development, beta testing, and live testing.

To be launching our marketplace to every farmer, I will go through a bit about what the marketplace has to offer and a bit about how it works.

First, good to note that this is the centerpiece of our Agric eCommerce platform and which we will scale to every region in line with our vision to digitize the African Agriculture market

  1. The marketplace is going first to our farmer's waitlist and in order to guarantee sales/distribution for farmers, not all registered accounts will be activated immediately, however, activation of account depends on;

a. The location of the farmer,

b. Type of produce,

c. The completion of our vetting process and

d. Already existing numbers of farmers selling the same produce

2. To use our platform activated account must comply with our image requirement and product description details. Every farmer profile product will be approved before it is featured on our platform.

Note that communication of product number of stock is essential, to ensure the only available product ready to be shipped is featured and if this is repeatedly flagged can lead to your farm profile being deactivated

3. ₦500 will be charged from every purchase payout made on the platform and this will also come with a 100% cashback for the first 3 transactions. And payment will be made after successful deliver

Finally, any farmer interested in running a digital farm that is data-driven, and also wants to document production process can join us on this journey. Simply signup by clicking here

See you on the inside as we together make Agriculture in Africa lucrative and profitable