Nature of Agro Distribution in Nigeria

2 min readJul 5, 2021

If vaccine which is needed not frequently and more delicate can be transported over thousands of miles safely

While not potatoes, I will be using this product because it is one of the fragile agric products that we have, and we as a nation lose over 50% of this agro commodity according to statistics just from transporting them from Sokoto to Lagos alone.

First, we must note this” that something is delicate or perishable does not mean it shouldn’t or can’t be distributed or efficiently managed (at least the vaccine proves that)” The image below shows the interstate distribution of some of the tomatoes we consume

inter state agro distribution

This commodity is not what we need once, or twice and that this misuse of distribution get it to the destination doesn’t mean this has to be, the images below the intrastate and last-mile delivery of this same case study commodity

intra state agro distribution
usual last mile agro delivery in africa

I don’t see how food will not lose this way, yet this is the product we need for our daily use. I will not like to just end this with problems but a solution. That we have some product gets to our table doesn’t mean will need not to investigate its journey and process.

That is while are building digital agriculture, though we are yet to enter into the tomatoes market at DayDone but been in the space and let us see that there can be a tailor-made more effective distribution, just with our experience conditioning the air and temperature of broilers during distribution it has shown a reduction in mortality via transport.

Broilers is another fragile produce we believe as a society we can bring transparency, traceability, and reliability to the product we consume. and we are glad to be the one creating this future