The Best of Agric/Food Produce this season

2 min readNov 2, 2021

The November Goodies

November preseason for the goodies and inflationary package

The month has different things to offer, no better time to get the best Agro info. And make an informed purchase, if there is anyone you know that needs an update of agric produce update on his/her mail, share this with them by clicking the link and forwarding the URL to them

Let us get into it. Happy to be back here to write this. The festive holiday is gradual here, so also the festive sales, price slash, and discounts, if you have not been smell (not literal) get into the right room and let us end this year with abundance for all. Topping this is the inflationary package

A few weeks ago we talked about the free fall of beans. This fall continues but not generic though because of the complementary nature of beans, generic basket cost of beans have reduced. Here we want to talk about Drum beans, if you are yet to watch out our video on the difference between honey and drum beans check here. With the fresh harvest availability of these red beans might see more fall in the composite overall basket price of bean

The current inflation climate in Nigeria is not falling yet as expected, and even some other economics like South Africa and the US are also experiencing a similar situation (with some speculating hyperinflation in the US economy), remember the 2008 financial crisis was really a US housing crisis but affected the global. So what happened in this economics hub concerns us. Even as this month offers the beginning of holiday spending, Black Friday shopping, and more, they need to be well utilized and spending planned.

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