World Food Day and Africa Food Crisis

2 min readOct 20, 2021

The new state of the Agriculture market and festive season hopes

We have been talking of harvest, rain, and more supply in this newsletter but when this season is here and we have only seen a slight drop in price. Is this the new norm?


  1. Welcome back from holiday, one thing that can’t be on holiday is food, it comes to memory last year when many are fighting, climbing, doing all sort for so-called free food, anyway. It brings to not how important this industry is
  • Let us jump right into it. Quick fact sardine has increased over 100% in 3 months, you might think this does not concern a lot of people but so is the case of many of our core product too, Even as we have the agriculture potential (Africa have 65% of the world arable land) but yet to really experience green revolution, and industrialization that could help ease this.
  • The fact is that food is not only rising in Nigeria but Globally and as we may shift to technology to ease things, The Africa land advantage is needed than ever, And as we celebrate world food day last week. It might be sad to say that our Agric price index might not settle down at a favourable spot like before this might be pushing 12.8 Million to hunger and Nigeria to seat at 3rd out of 15 Africa countries facing food security(we talked extensively about this means check here)
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