If vaccine which is needed not frequently and more delicate can be transported over thousands of miles safely

While not potatoes, I will be using this product because it is one of the fragile agric products that we have, and we as a nation lose over 50% of this agro…

3(Three) interesting things to note (If you are a farmer)

It has been a great delight to us, after several months of finished development, beta testing, and live testing.

To be launching our marketplace to every farmer, I will go through a bit about what the marketplace has to offer…

10th Month of slowing inflation

October inflation rates ease even as core inflation still sits at 13.3%. What can we expect this festive season? click this link to share this newsletter with other


Let us jump right into it, but first some context to where we are…

The new state of the Agriculture market and festive season hopes

We have been talking of harvest, rain, and more supply in this newsletter but when this season is here and we have only seen a slight drop in price. Is this the new norm?


  1. Welcome back from holiday, one thing that can’t be on holiday is food…

Need for sustainable invention and innovation

Many new inventions came and are not known, just like Sloot digital coding system, the ones that promise to compress any movie data size into 8kb.

But the few that become well known can be overhyped and oversubscribed, definitely, it is an adoption curve…


Digitizing Agriculture (https://www.daydone.com.ng)

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